When Photography was Invented

We do not what it takes to be a Auckland wedding photographer, until we experience it on ourselves. However, there is so much more in photography than what we know about flashes and clicks. We have to see much clearer where it evolved.


More than one century ago, some scientist had awaken his curiosity with how light works and discovered something that led up to the invention of the modern day camera. With some experiments done on their laboratory, we are now able to enjoy some good things in life like the camera and make memories last by taking a photo of it. We know how important it is for us to have something to take with us even moments passed.


With the invention of photography, we are more than thankful that we can keep those memories for ourselves by keeping them in a box under our bed. We can now reminisce those time by simply looking at the pictures. We are thankful that we still have these pictures to bring back smiles on our faces by the moments that have long gone. We were able to rekindle feelings and emotions by simply looking at the persons in a photograph.